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The Weight, Part 2.


Welcome to Part 2 of my travels with the Registered Dietician.  I have no idea how many “Parts” this story will encompass – I suppose as many as it takes to reach my goal.  I won’t bore you with the backstory – you can read about it in my last blog (“The Weight.”).  Today I met with my RD, Heather, for the second time (my first appointment was three weeks ago).

Over the last three weeks, I made two big adjustments to my diet at Heather’s suggestion.  First, I increased my protein intake to 75g (or close to it) per day.  Second – and this one was mentally challenging – I increased my daily caloric intake to an average of 1,600 calories.  More if I exercised heavily, but never less than 1,600.  Previously I had My Fitness Pal set for 1,250, so you can imagine how a 300-400 calorie per day increase may be scary for someone who knows that you have to create a caloric deficit to lose weight!  However, since I have tried and failed repeatedly to budge the scale, I decided to trust what Heather was recommending and at least give a try.

The first thing she did after greeting me was ask that I step on the scale.  The moment of truth!!!!  I was pleasantly surprised and very happy to find that I have lost 3.6 pounds!  In addition to FINALLY losing some weight, I am feeling very strong and healthier overall.  Heather asked if my energy level has improved?  I responded no, my energy level is the same – but that I have this general feeling of physical well-being and just feeling STRONGER.

Being a vegetarian, it is hard for me to find lean protein sources that I actually enjoy eating.  Heather suggested a few options to try, and these have worked beautifully in the first 3 weeks.  In my next 3 weeks I am going to focus on maintaining daily fiber intake, watch for “added sugar” on food labels, and be more consistent with food journaling on the weekends. 

Interestingly enough, we discussed “emotional eating” versus “physical eating.”  I always assumed “emotional eating” was eating because you were upset, anxious, sad, etc. and I never have defined myself this way.  Heather explained “emotional eating” as having a fast onset of the sensation of hunger and being focused on one food.  A craving.  Sometimes you can distract yourself from it, but not always.  “Physical eating” comes on gradually and involves being ravenously hungry for anything and everything.  Eating smaller meals every 2-3 hours helps keep this physical hunger at bay – but I know it well. “Hangry.” Hahahaha!!!!

Weight loss is a slow process, and I am more than happy with a pound per week.  This is forward progress, where previously there had been no progress.  The worst thing I could possibly do would be to give up, to give in, to quit.  I am fighting for my goal and it isn’t easy – but somehow, I am going to get there.  Thanks for reading and sharing in my journey.  I wish you success on yours, whatever it may be!

Happy running!


jess r.

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