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The Slump.


            Oftentimes over the years I have heard runners talk about feeling “burned out.”  Aside from a handful of questionable runs here and there, I have been fortunate enough to escape burnout and keep my love of running intact.


            Well actually, as I’m pondering it, this began back in September.  During training for the Philly Marathon.  I can pinpoint the ACTUAL MOMENT – Mile 3 of the Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon (also in Philly).  Some of you may remember my “I’M RETIRING” posts on Facebook – and although I am known for my sarcastic sense of humor and everyone thought I was joking, I wasn’t.  That run was horribly abysmal.  The absolute WORST run I EVER experienced.  I knew at mile 3 that I was in deep $h!t.  It was so bad that I bypassed the beer tent at the finish and hightailed it home in silence.  Two days later, I attempted an 8 miler, just to see if it was indeed “all over” – and was surprised and relieved to find the wheels back on the wagon.  I chalked it up to a “bad run” (see “Good runs, bad runs, it’s all about the Runs”). 

            After that totally-in-the-toilet Rock ‘N Roll Half, marathon training continued as expected.  Some runs were great, some were so-so, and none were as bad as the aforementioned disaster.  The marathon itself was tough (they always are), and I finished with new goals in mind for 2017.

            Only now we are in 2017 and I DON’T FEEL LIKE TRAINING.  I don’t want to think about it, talk about it, look at any training plans, be on any type of schedule.  I want to run when I feel like running and simply run the distance I feel like running – not because the schedule dictates that I’m running today for x amount of miles.  The timing couldn’t be worse, because SEVERAL things are on deck: Love Run, BSR, St. Luke’s, and of course Chesco!  It’s time to start training and I just want to run for fun. 

            Our Chesco runners have formed a closed group forum on Facebook.  You can search “Team Badass” under groups, and request to join.  I am highly recommending that you do so – this highly supportive, awesome, and amazing group of runners are pulling me through The Slump.  If you have questions, concerns, ideas, or need advice…they’ve all been around the block a few times (pun intended LOL) and are more than happy to share their experiences.

            Here’s how it’s gonna go: I’m not going to train for anything (NOTE: I did NOT say I wouldn’t be running!).  I am going to work out like a beast (I am so fortunate that my commute from work to the gym is ZERO miles!), run when I feel like it and at whatever distance I feel like during the week, and meet up with the CCH Crew (aka Team Badass) on Sundays for “King Runs.”  (Yes that is correct; I am not currently referring to it as a “long run.”  “Long run” sounds too much like training, which I am not doing right now.) Our Training Captain Dana is just going to tell me the distance on Sunday when it’s time to run.  I’m not going to worry about a plan, I’m going to go by feel and recover my love of the run.  If you have any advice for busting out of the slump, PLEASE SHARE!!!  Wish me luck! 

Happy Running,

jess r.

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