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The Chester County Half Marathon (CCH) is proud to announce that the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County (DVCCC) will be an ongoing beneficiary of funds raised by our events.

Today, Curt Martinez and I had the honor of meeting the governing staff of DVCCC, as well as discussing ideas on how to raise awareness in our community regarding the issue of domestic violence.  At CCH, we’ve decided to “Run To End Violence” – in keeping with the Vision of DVCCC:

“The vision of the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County is to eliminate domestic violence in Chester County.  We believe we can achieve this bold goal by providing comprehensive services, at no cost, to survivors and by educating professionals, adults and youth of Chester County about domestic violence.

Thanks to a dedicated staff and hundreds of volunteers we continue to make strides towards achieving this vision.

Survivors of domestic violence often come to us, escaping a dangerous situation, with little money and only the clothes on their backs.  Your donations help us to provide all of our services free of charge.  We believe money should not be a barrier to safety.

No woman or man in Chester County should die or be injured at the hands of an abuser.  We can make that vision a reality, but we need your help.”

Today, we toured the shelter at DVCCC.  Words cannot adequately describe the experience – it was PROFOUNDLY moving and humbling.  The shelter is exactly that: a shelter, a safe haven.  These women – and very often their children with them – flee to this safe haven with nothing.  They are starting over.  Saving their life means to rebuild their life, and the DVCCC provides the means to do just that.  Housing, clothing, food, counseling, advocacy, legal concerns, and so much more are provided within these walls.  I stood in one of the children’s playrooms, overcome with emotion as I looked at a rainbow painted on the wall.  Through all the hell (it has to be hell, how could it not? Abuse is something I have never experienced, but can you imagine what it must be like to fear for your life, to be beaten and degraded endlessly, and have the courage to escape?  In fear of your life, and possibly your children’s lives too, with just the clothes on your back?), these families are showing a strength and determination to persevere, to live under the rainbow instead of a dark cloud.  To put their faith and trust in strangers, and start over from essentially the beginning with literally just the clothes on their backs.

It’s incredible. 

CCH is absolutely committed to furthering the Vision and the Mission of the DVCCC.  Our event was reactionary to an incident of domestic violence.  Going forward, we are going to be anything BUT reactionary. We will be proactive and vocal – raising awareness and advancing the mission however we can.  In 2016 and onward, the DVCCC will receive funds raised by the Chester County Half Marathon & Memorial 5k.  CCH will also be collecting items on race day – and throughout the year – that are necessary to the Shelter.  Our major Sponsors are showing their support by raising awareness among employees and organizing donation drives. 

Want to help?  If you are a participant in the Chester County Half Marathon or Memorial 5k, you are already helping!  As race day approaches, we will be posting more information about donation drives and other events.  You may also visit the DVCCC’s website at

Did you know there is a toll-free, CONFIDENTIAL, 24-hour hotline?  If you or someone you know is affected by domestic violence, please call: 1-888-711-6270

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