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From My Heart


I was about to post some of these thoughts on Facebook when I realized it was probably going to be long-winded and may better be served by blogging.

It’s that time of year again – ChesCo Half & 5k – a.k.a. “Jacinda’s Run”, is right around the corner (May 21 – GET REGISTERED!).  For those of you who are new here, Jacinda Miller was an AMAZING force of a person.  A shining bright light with a great big heart and a passion for helping others; completely dedicated to her children & family.  She was so many things to so many people: Mom, Daughter, Sister, Cousin, Aunt, Best Friend, Fitness Instructor, Guru, Trainer, Running Partner, Friend, Neighbor, Inspiration, Mentor…the list goes on so I apologize if I forgot anyone’s descriptor!  Jacinda was irrevocably taken from us on a horrible night in November, 2014.  Her family and friends carry on her spirit and her passion for helping others any way we can.  One of those outlets is the Chester County Half Marathon & Memorial 5k.

This is the 3rd year for ChesCo…the 3rd event without Jacinda.  The third April that race-related “things” appear on my doorstep by very kind delivery folks who probably get very sick of maneuvering big trucks down my narrow dead-end street (of course I am the last house).  Today as I was driving home from work, I was thinking “hmmm, the race medals should be here soon.”  I arrived to find boxes piled in front of the garage!  SOOO EXCITED!!!  Like a little kid on Christmas!

The first year, when the race medals arrived, I opened the box…and burst into tears.  This year, I opened the box…and felt such overwhelming emotions!  Excitement, joy, and the underlying, pervasive sadness that always comes with missing Jacinda.  These medals are beautiful, just like Jacinda was – Becca Harkins designed them and absolutely outdid herself, based on Jacinda’s original horsehead design.  Jacinda’s spirit is all over this award and I (having run a good amount of races) have NEVER seen a medal like this.  I CAN’T WAIT to hand it out at the finish line!!!!

People always ask me, “what can I do to help?”  In the first two years of OUR race (yes, it belongs to all of us), I didn’t know how to answer – I’ve run lots of races but was totally clueless how to pull one off!  Now I know what we need.  TWO things actually, in order to have a successful race: RUNNERS, and VOLUNTEERS.

Which one are you going to be?  We can’t have a race without runners.  We can’t have a race without volunteers.  I know what Jacinda would do – she’d be out there running her ass off! And heckling you as she breezed by you (OH the times we saw men running in kilts!!!!) or offering words of encouragement.  These two races, the Half and the 5k, are all about her down to the last detail.  Come on out and celebrate her life with us…are you going to be home on the couch or out there getting it done?

Yeah, I just challenged all of you.  Half Marathons and 5ks are for babies…Jacinda would agree (I know this to be true.  We’ve discussed it as fact LOL!). 

Happy running!


jess r.

2 responses to “From My Heart”

  1. Although I will not be running the Chesco 1/2 on the 21st,I had already signed up for the Bucks County 10 miler. I will be wearing my Chesco Shirt from the first year! I will be you all in spirit!

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