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I have to say, I love the anonymity of running.  It provides the opportunity to listen in on runners’ opinions and observations, which I bring back to Chesco Half HQ and examine.

While the buzz about our race has been 99% positive, there is one emerging theme I would like to comment on: “so-and-so doesn’t want to run this race because she/he heard it’s too hard.”  “So-and-so doesn’t want to run this race because she/he heard it’s way too hilly.”

It IS hard.  It IS hilly.  So what?

The last time I checked, distance runners are all nuts.  (I’m a distance runner, so I can say this.)  You happily wake up at the butt-crack of dawn to go run more miles in one shot then most normal people walk in the span of a week.  We LOOOOOVE a challenge.  Just try and tell us we “can’t” – you will be handily proved wrong!

So, who out there in distance-running land is afraid of a few hills?  Listen, I can on any given day lay down 13 miles on the Chester Valley Trail. Flat and Fast.  You know what?  Flat and fast is good, but it’s boring.  Just about anybody can do it – and where is the challenge in that?  I want to finish 13 (or more) miles and feel like I did SOMETHING, feeling like I need a serious NAP, rather than say, “oh that was so flat and lovely.  I’m going to hike and bike later this afternoon.” 

In short, don’t be a big baby. (I say this tough-lovingly, of course.)

This is my “signature phrase,” and anyone who has personal trained with me or run with me knows it: “Quit crying, you big baby.”  This handy phrase has been heard shouted on half-marathon and marathon courses in many forms: “Training is for babies,” “Marathons are for babies,” “Shut up and run, you big baby,” “Running is for babies,” and the ChesCo Half mantra: “HILLS ARE FOR BABIES!!!”

If you run your long runs on the normal terrain of Chester County, you will be adequately prepared for this race.  The course IS challenging, but it IS runnable.  If you are training on a flat surface, you are going to have a very hard time – but it’s still doable.  Come out and join us on our Sunday long runs.  Email your training questions to [email protected] – we want you to be successful!  Plus, there is a big & fun party waiting for you at the Finish.

My favorite quote of all came from my then 9 year-old daughter Lexi, at the Start of the 2015 Memorial 5k: “Yeah, I got this.  When I was a baby, I crawled a half marathon.”  She did it, and you can too.

Happy running,

jess r.

p.s. The first hill, Morris Lane, has been ELIMINATED!!!


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